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Woofers Pet Dog Training.

Pet Dog Training, Socialisation and so much more.

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Training Friday evenings with all ADTB Qualified Trainers

Woofers started out as a group of friends who attended obedience training classes but wanted just a little bit more.

To support this we organise various activities, coast, forest and rivers walks, winding up with somewhere we can socialise, buy a drink or in some cases a meal.
You will have the opportunity to  take part in walks  and  swims that we enjoy as a group of friends, these are free to members (you can bring friends to join you for £1).
All of our events have fully qualified ADTB trainers, first aiders (Canine and human) and when required a man in a wet suite to ensure all the animals are safe in the water.
The help and advice is there if you feel you need it, but the idea is for all the dogs to run, play, swim together in a safe environment that is the best socialisation they will ever have and also great fun for the handlers.

Our aim is a well mannered socialised dog you could take anywhere (and be asked back!) but also have an element of fun and to try new and different things.

As you progress in the classes you will have the opportunity to experience  different aspects  of working with your dog including RallyO, ScentSense, basic agility and anything else we can do to help create that special bond between the dog and handler.

We also have dogs that we can use to train inexperienced handlers so they are ready for their first dog or even people that are nervous of dogs or just to help youngest know how to behave around unknown dogs

All the trainers and Woofer team are volunteers and most of all dog lovers.