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             Anglia Woofers Rules

  1. The Club shall be called Anglia Woofers and its objectives are to train owners and dogs in a fun but responsible manner using positive reward training methods
  2. A committee consisting of the Lead Trainer, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 members will manage the clubs affairs
  3. To be admitted into the club, all dogs must have been inoculated on the basis of veterinary advice, micro chipped, and these records are to be kept and updated annually.
  4. No dog will be allowed to attend training if unwell or injured.
  5. Bitches in season may not be brought to training class.
  6. A bank account will be kept by the treasurer in the name of the club and all cheques will be signed by two of the three named signatories.
  7. The financial year of the club will be from 1st January to 31st December 
  8. The head Trainer will be responsible for all training strategies and organisation of training at the club or in their absence by the next most senior trainer.
  9. The Annual General Meeting will take place during the month of February, when subscriptions for the next year will be confirmed.
  10. Club subscription will be due by 1st March.
  11. At the AGM the voting shall be by means of a ballot,
  12. No one at Anglia Woofer or those connected with it can be held responsible or liable for any damage, injury or loss that occurs as a result of using our services or attending our functions. While every effort is made to ensure people and their dogs behave in a responsible and safe manner, the variables make it impossible to say with 100% certainty that we have covered every situation. A risk assessment is completed for the training and event situations and we will advise how best we think you proceed (for example it may be recommended to put your dogs ,or keep your dogs on a lead in certain elements of the social activities or classes)   
  13. No dangerous, Inappropriate behavior or language, will be allowed at classes or functions, a warning will be given by the trainer first, if this is not addressed you may be  temporarily excluded  
  14. No warrantee, are expressed or implied, all our trainers are ADTB qualified and teaching assistants (TA) are trained in house is to ensure consistency and the correct techniques are used.  Sometimes it is necessary to devise individual strategies, these will be discussed with you and build on what you  have already learned. Additional support can be provided by the training team if necessary. Practice between classes is essential as it enhances and improves the development in classes.
  15. All officers of the club will be identified to you and will introduce themselves at the beginning of all Training classes or events.